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I am seeing The Hobbit tonight, then I get up tomorrow morning and hopefully do a load of laundry before a long day of dress rehearsals. Sunday is the concert.

You mgiht be astonished to know that I am still coughing productively, at least in the mornings; but it's very little in comparison to what it was. Singing went okay at the last rehearsal, except for one brief period where some phlegm sat right on my vocal cords for a bit. I went back on the expectorant the next day. I can drop the meds after the concert!

Geeklet looks adorable in the multi-colored propeller beanie I got her for Xmas. Last night with the Tots I read aloud from The Hobbit (that vaudeville-act Troll scene) and drew wombats on command. Also a sleeping wombat, with a teddy bear, like the one The Maw had seen in a documentary. She was costumed as a wombat (in brown) and crouched on the floor like one while she colored in wombat drawings and then drew her own.

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