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I've been choosing my holiday reading! The Hobbit reread is one, and Jennifer Kloester's bio of Georgette Heyer is another. Also, probably the third Ben Aaronovitch urban fantasy.

I went back to the weight room last night. It's been almost a month, I think, because I was feeling low-energy for about a week before I definitively came down with the cold that turned into bronchitis. So, I can feel it today already...but I was pretty much back to normal so far as lifting went.

Details for those who aren't bored:

I did deadlifts first, 50 pounds on the bar, 3 sets of 10. Then 30 pounds for bench presses, 2 sets of 10 - that made me cough, and my arms didn't feel that powerful towards the end. I waited around for a rack (luckily, there was one non-rack-hogger!) and did 70 on the barbell for squats, 3 sets of 15, which brought my heart rate right up. (I don't go as low as I probably should, either, since my knees won't take it.) I finished up with some flys, only 40 pounds instead of my usual 50 on the machine, then the seated row machine, 100 pounds, 3 sets of 10. Then half an hour on the elliptical, for 2.02 miles.
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