oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Rehearsal! I sang!

I can sing!!!!! Sort of - you can tell how abused my vocal cords are from coughing. But I made it through the entire rehearsal on a cough suppressant, two puffs on the inhaler, and lots of water and cough drops.

Am getting really sick of the taste of cough drops. And I had to buy acidopholus tablets this morning, which will hopefully resolve the absolutely awful post-antibiotics taste in my mouth.

I cannot express the euphoria I felt when I realized sound was going to come out of my mouth and mostly obey me. True, we didn't sing the two fastest and most difficult "Magnificat" movements at top speed, and I had to interrupt my runs with extra breathing and throat-clearing. But I made it through for the most part, and the relief is UNBELIEVABLE.

Every time I get sick, I worry that I will lose my voice, like, forever. It may seem silly, but it's always this dread at the back of my mind. But I didn't lose it! And I should be able to sing this concert!


Can you say, major mood boost?
Tags: singing
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