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It's only one more thing...

So, I said I would help a newly-published author with promo. I solemnly swear this will not take over my life. It's just one more thing, and it won't be a difficult thing for me; also, I plan to give this person additional contacts, so it won't be All Me All the Time. I have useful knowledge, and I should Pay It Forward. Also, she is local.

In other To Do news, I am doing okay with keeping up with Norton jury reading. It helps that I am so cranky and filled with hate for some of the common trends, because I discard a lot of books, unfinished. Please feel free to send me your recs (YA specfic first pubbed in English in 2012).

I have a 500-word short story due the end of November. I have two possible approaches in mind for it.

I've turned in all my blog posts for October and November, except for one that's due towards the end of November. I already have some galleys for early 2013, mostly mystery/thriller.

Need to buy my plane ticket for Christmas visit to the family.

Rehearsals for the Christmas concert start after Thanksgiving.

Sticking with the three nights a week for gym, though I should shake up my routine somehow.
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