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Ready to Read - I Think

I had very little free time this week, what with traveling and dayjob and gym time, but I think I am ready to talk about my historical research and how it transmutes into fiction for the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society meeting tonight. I think it will be reasonably interesting, for something I only found out I was doing late Monday night.

I found and printed out the relevant excerpts from "Poppies Are Not the Only Flower," The Moonlight Mistress, "Under Her Uniform," and the incomplete "Moonlight Marriage," which I am thinking now might be better as two shorter pieces with more adventure and less sex. That would mean I wouldn't have to figure out all those annoying "romantic arc" parts! Because I never seem to do those satisfactorily, so maybe I should give up.

I also printed a bibliography of the sources I'll be talking about...I wanted to bring them all, but it's a lot of large books, so I decided to only bring the two Osprey ones. Besides being really good examples, those books are very thin and light, and fit into my nice bag. I wish I'd had more energy to dig out the books on occupied France and re-read some bits, but it would pretty much need to be all the bits, as I integrated that information more widely in the stories as a whole.

I hope to have time at lunch today to make up a printed outline, which will hopefully keep me from rambling too much. I'm going to base it around the bibliography, maybe going in order of when I wrote the excerpts.
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