oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Busy Weekend

I spent Saturday morning with The Maw and her mom in Rittenhouse Square, then went home and had a nap. After that, I did most of my packing for CapClave (I leave Friday morning) and gave the bathroom a desperately needed cleaning, including wiping things with bleach-laden spray. After showering off the probably unspeakable germs, I went out to dinner and then paid a visit to my local drugstore, to use up $14 worth of coupons (I used them for batteries, for camera and MP3 player, and some other stuff I needed).

Sunday was putting away laundry and putting away summer clothes and pulling out fall clothes. Then my college friend who lives in Buffalo arrived, and we tramped off to the Perelman Building, which is part of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to see their Winslow Homer exhibit. We then saw some other stuff, of which my favorite was, far and away, Prom: Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark. I love photographic portraits. We walked quite a lot, very fast (friend is a marathoner and always full of energy). So after she left, I planted myself on the couch and watched vids, and then some of the modern Macbeth with James McAvoy and Richard Armitage. And so to bed.
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