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I slept better last night; I went to bed earlier, so when I woke in the wee hours, I'd had more sleep already. Ironically, while awake I read an article about sleep in Details (free year's subscription!) which did not cheer me up as it told me all about insomniacs having more heart attacks and storing more fat. *sigh* If I don't get a full 9 hours, or at minimum 8 hours, I drop things, I can't concentrate at dayjob, I take little joy in anything, I feel more volatile and paranoid and depressed. It sucks.

I am wondering how directly stress affects my ability to go back to sleep once I've woken (usually for the bathroom). It seems like it would be easy to tell. Sometimes I can trace a direct line to an upcoming event - upcoming travel with bus or plane reservations, job interview, family issue. Sometimes I can't, and I wonder if it's hormonal. Sometimes the waking up and being awake for an hour or two lasts for several days, and I can barely function.

I am a worrier, as you probably already know, and I (LOL) worry about being a worrier, and worry about not getting enough sleep, which keeps me awake. This is...somewhat...frustrating.

But I usually have little trouble getting to sleep in the first place, which is a blessing. And if I didn't have to get up to go to dayjob in the morning, I could just sleep a couple extra hours in the morning and be fine. This, also, is frustrating.

All that said, I feel okay today. I had insomnia, but I also had almost enough sleep.
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