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New Souls for the Faith


Help me inDOCtrinate a kid!

So, eight-year-old Geeklet is still massively confused by the complexity of New Who - I think she's only seen three episodes of the current season as of yet, or possibly four - but she is enthralled by it and last night said it was the Best Show Ever.

So much so, that when we watched the Amy and Rory departure episode last night, even though she was baffled by my (confusing) explanations of loops in time and the Weeping Angels and who River was and all that, she still wept piteously when Amy went back in time to be with Rory and the Doctor could never see her again. Then I tried to help by telling her about Jamie and Zoe's departure, which she informed me did not help. Oops.

I am thinking Old Who would be a lot less confusing; the episodes are more leisurely, for one thing, and I think deliberately aimed for a younger audience. I am not sure what she'll think of the old production values...

However, production values aside, this is the important question: what Doctor should I start her with?

I am currently thinking Three. But Four seems to work for most people, so maybe Four would be better. Me, my first "real" Doctor was Five (I'd seen other random eps, but "Castrovalva" was the first episode I really remember). Six would be too confusing to start with and the eps are mostly not up to the actor. I adore Seven, and Ace, but I think it would be better to start earlier and work forward.

I actually have a good selection of One and Two (Two is my favorite), so those are possibilities, too. But somehow, I think later would be better.

I think Three's bossiness and Science would appeal to her, and also Liz and Jo. But I am no longer eight, and I didn't see any Who until I was a teenager, so what do I know?


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