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We had a good crowd for the Rachmaninov! That's always such a good feeling. It went pretty well and the audience clapped. I wasn't nearly as exhausted as I had feared, physically; with all but one of the invocations removed, the piece only lasts a little over an hour. An hour of strenuous singing, to be sure, but still not that long. I remain extremely grateful for the new-model Danskos I bought back in the spring, the ones with a slightly softer sole and a squishier insole. I put a pair of drugstore insoles in on top, just to be safe, and that worked excellently well on the marble floor.

After the concert, I went out for a drink with some friends who had attended. I had a thing that was sort of like pink lemonade with vodka in it - I decided it had to be vodka because of Rachmaninov. Then I went home, cleaned off my eye makeup, and ate some triscuits and read some fanfic before falling into sleep, wham!

I of course still have the inevitable endless replay going inside my head, but I had a good night's sleep and some coffee and am starting to emerge from concert-mode.

Next up, CapClave, followed by a single night's recording session in late October, followed by rehearsals for the Bach Magnificat/Vivaldi Gloria concert.
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