oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Training and Singing

I've been out of the dayjob office for a couple of days, having offsite training - what a luxury! Yesterday, there were 3 of us in a quiet room with computers and the instructor on a speakerphone, with a separate monitor so we could follow along. Today, the other person didn't show, so I have the entire room to myself.

I find this very relaxing. I am normally bombarded with noise and people at dayjob, and I hate that part of the job, every day; being too close, with too much random noise happening, makes me tense and crazy. When I look for new jobs, I always wonder if their space is quieter. I am such an introvert! If you only see me at cons, that means you've seen me attempting extroversion; I can succeed, somewhat, for a while, but it exhausts me. I could happily take classes alone in a room for a week, provided I had an internet connection now and then.

Dress rehearsal is tonight for the Rachmaninov. Looking forward to it!
Tags: singing
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