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NOW, brain? Really?

On the way home from rehearsal last night, sleep-deprived and thirsty and exhausted, I realized what kind of story I could write as a sequel to "Crimean Fairy Tale." And how it would open. Like, with opening sentence and everything. It's too bad it would be science fiction because the potential October 1 deadline story wants paranormal, i.e., fantasy.

In my copious free time....

Next week, I have two dress rehearsals (Wednesday and Friday) and a concert (Saturday). There are chunks scattered throughout the All-Night Vespers where I really need to drill the text some more, so I can reel it off while only half-looking. That is going to take some time, but it has to be done, or DOOM. Luckily, it can be done - is better done - in small chunks here and there.

I have been thinking about my resistance to writing lately, and I think it's the "use all of your weekend mornings to write for hours" thing that was wearing on me most. So I am considering going back to writing just a little each day, like 250 words little (my pre-novel-selling pace was about 500 words a night). This will be even easier once I'm done with Rachmaninov and have a few weeks with no rehearsal. I hope.

Being busy and having deadlines is supposed to make one more productive, right?
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