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A good weekend, though little accomplished.

My weekend was made excellent by my participation in a Random Act of Culture - 400-odd singers, 2 pianos, and a bunch of percussion doing "O Fortuna" in the main concourse of 30th Street Station, a gorgeous edifice here in Philadelphia. This is the first flash-mob-type-thing I've ever done in public, though I did participate in one for the Macy's Corporation once, for their annual manager's meeting. I've missed a couple of others due to schedule conflicts.

The official video is supposed to go up sometime today, and of course I will post when I have a link. Here's an unoffical video which someone posted even though they told us to wait until the official one was up.

I think there weren't nearly as many travelers as singers, but it was difficult to tell. People knew something was going to happen because of the piano/percussion installation, and were loitering regardless of whether they were singers. Also, of course, many singers and instrumentalists had told their families and/or friends ahead of time (I told [profile] drinking_cocoa so she and her husband and Tots could see it, probably their only chance to see me perform until the Tots are much older).

It was cool. I liked doing it. The weird part was that I had the same sequence of getting mentally wound up beforehand as a "real" concert, but then we only did one movement, so I wasn't exhausted afterwards, and it was weirdly hard to come down. Carmina interruptus?

I like performances where I get to wear Chucks. I wore my newish black ones that are decorated with embroidery and tiny beads.
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