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Getting there,,,

I think we still have two more movements of the Rachmaninov to read through. I lost count last night; since rehearsal goes until 10 pm, and that's my bedtime, I start losing focus after the break, generally around 9 pm. So I fight to stay alert, but am not always successful.

I think the diction recordings are helping me to learn this faster. We have one more regular rehearsal next Tuesday, then two dress rehearsals on the 26th and 28th, followed by the performance on the 29th. A lot of the polish will happen in those last two rehearsals. And, of course, in our outside work - I need to run through with diction several more times, I think.

I'm taking note of the tricky diction bits (that is, those bits that go fast) that I will focus on. There are a number. But there are also bits that repeat a lot (some familiar from "St. John Chrysostom"), and those I mostly have a handle on.
Tags: rachmaninov, singing
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