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First rehearsal!

I was really exhausted last night but, as expected, choir perked me up. At least until about 9:30 pm, when I abruptly flagged and lost a lot of focus (this usually happens, as I try to be asleep around 10:00 pm most nights, which is when rehearsal ends).

Blessedly, we rehearsed down in the church's fellowship hall instead of the choir room, because there was air conditioning. The choir room would have been almost unbearable; the cold air helped keep me alert.

We ran through 3 of the 15 movements of Rachmaninov's All-Night Vigil; 1, 2, and 12, I think. Twelve was the most difficult, as besides being long it's going to require a lot of stamina. A lot.

As we only have six rehearsals, and Church Slavonic pronounciation can be tricky, we're going to have recordings of the text by a native Russian speaker. I'm going to be listening to that quite a lot. I was pleased that my tongue seemed to remember phrases I'd sung before in Rachmaninov's St. John Chrysostom. For me, the text is going to be the challenge, as the music is not hard. Also, the alti have great parts! Russian music is almost always good for alto parts. And basses, of course.

Still a bit down today, but not as down as yesterday. I'm having those "I am a failure" thoughts everyone gets now and again. At least everyone I know.
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