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Slept badly. Possibly a result of drinking a 20 ounce bottle of Coca Cola in the afternoon. YES I AM SORRY NOW I DID THAT.

Obsessive gym report: am going to do cardio tonight. My new standard goal on that is to do ten intervals of 30 seconds fast/30 seconds slow, then keep going until I total 45 minutes, or 60 minutes if I feel really good and energetic. It averages out to 15 minutes per mile. I do that two days a week and the other day I do weights and 20-30 minutes of cardio depending on my energy, no intervals because after lifting weights I am incapable of going super fast.

Am reading a lot of things for preview, for the award jury, and etc. so my pleasure reading is somewhat curtailed except for fanfic, mostly Avengers but also some random other stuff that I pick for the author rather than the content.

Fanfic Rec: The Father Charles series by Yahtzee - it's an X-Men: First Class AU in which Professor X started out as a priest. I liked it because it's solidly grounded in the 1960s time period, and each story wrestles with some painful issues.
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