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Planz for January and February 2013

I still have a cobbled-together version of what would have been a sequel to The Moonlight Mistress that needs editing. I thought maybe I should self-publish it, because even though the novel did not sell well, a few people who liked it liked it very much. Thus I would like them to have what I wrote (only have it be in better shape than it is now).

So, I decided January might be a good time to look at it. That might seem like a long time from now, except I am hoping I can finish a draft of The Current Novel first. If anyone cares, that one is at 42K and I think the draft should be 60-70K (I underwrite on drafts). So the idea is to finish this draft then work on the WWI-werewolf novella. I checked in with a friend who does editing and January might work for her.

I will, no doubt, spend much more money on editing and a cover and (If I feel really lazy) formatting that I will make. But there will be closure, and closure is worth a lot to me, given how much work and research I put in to the story, only to have it abruptly choked off.

If I say it here, I have to do it. Closure ahead!
Tags: business of writing

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