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Vacation Spending

I didn't go anywhere for vacation, but I did allow myself to spend some money. Quite a lot of it was on coffee and other hot drinks while I was writing. I also ate out several times, though not anywhere truly fancy.

Then there was shopping. I bought a lot of things, mostly on Monday and Tuesday.

I finally bought a pair of those handgrips for doing pushups, the cheapest ones, but they seem to do the job so far. And I bought a flying ring at the same place, just because I wanted one; I hope to try it out on my small trip to the Poconos this weekend with [profile] feklar, and maybe later on in Clark Park with the Tots. I bought a couple of new gym t-shirts, a red one and a dark purple one, for $4 each at Lady Footlocker, the same store who provided a couple of my favorite old gym t-shirts. Now I can get rid of my one with really obvious sweat stains, and possibly my stretched-out and faded black one.

Unrelated to exercise, I found a pair of cotton cargo pants, the slobby kind, at Old Navy for a reasonable price (and marked down!). My former slobby ones are too large in the waist! They slide off! I am not at all skinny, but my waist is definitely smaller than two years ago.

Then I visited Reading Terminal Market and ate blackened chicken with (?sweet(?) cornbread and a root beer made in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Followed by drooling over the shop that only sells honey and related products, followed by an incredibly delicious butter brickle ice cream cone which I ate on the spot. I bought a piece of root beer fudge, which was tasty and definitely tasted and smelled like root beer, but was not really what I wanted in a fudge. Finally, I visited Terralyn and bought soap, which brings me back to gymming because I bribe myself with nice soap in my gym bag. I got Bogart (intended to be shaving soap, with green clay and "masculine" herbal scent), almond-oatmeal, patchouli, and anise-fennel, which I really love but she doesn't always have.

I went back to the gym last night, my first time since last Thursday, and did cardio on the elliptical: 10 intervals of 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds slow, followed by a moderate pace until I'd been on the machine for an hour. Total distance was 4.03 miles. I think the rest I'd had made a difference in my endurance! Incidentally, the 10 intervals usually equal a little over a mile in about ten minutes, but I definitely have to recover from that.
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