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Writing again!

I just passed a thousand words for the morning. Not much happening in the plot right now. They are just getting roadblock after roadblock that delays their revenge/offensive strike. There's a lot of that in this draft. I can't tell if it's too much because I don't have the full thing yet. Which is why I am trying to get lots of words down.

Stayed up to almost midnight last night with [profile] feklar, eating pizza and watching Olympics coverage from Canadian television (long story). Did not sleep enough, but couldn't get back to sleep after I woke at my normal time. So I got up.

Went to the Montreal-style bagel place, finally, and had one with butter and jam, and a cappuccino. It was the most expensive bagel I've ever had, but at least it was large and substantial. Also very good, but not so good I will continue to pay $2 each for them! Which was kind of a relief. I won't become hooked on those things. I'd never been there before because every time I walked by, they were always already sold out of bagels, and I would never remember on the weekend because on my way to go write, I don't normally pass by there.

I want to write another thousand words and also go to the gym, and I have to call friends about our Sunday outing, and call the Friends of the Free Library about a book donation dropoff for tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to bed early instead of taking an afternoon nap. Would rather do the gym in the afternoon; less crowded, which I don't get to experience much these days, and also Olympics coverage on the televisions.

Back to writing. Just another thousand words and I can stop for the day.
Tags: my life, wriiting process
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