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I had a good weekend of writing! As in, it felt good, and I realized some things about the underlying themes. I wrote 1100 on Saturday and 1000 on Sunday.

I need to rewrite my synopsis, as a thinking aid to figure out more about how my new structure is going to work.

I saw the new "Ice Age" movie with The Maw on Saturday night, which she enjoyed. I enjoyed some of the humor but mostly it made me want to go read about actual Ice Age mammals. Sunday, I saw "Magic Mike" with [profile] feklar, which means I saw two mainstream movies in a row. I didn't like the main "loser kid" plot of "Magic Mike" but I did enjoy the romance plot quite a bit, because it didn't follow a standard trajectory, at least not the one in which the woman is swooning and changing her life for some arrogant guy. It was more, "woman likes him, sees his flaws, says outright they can't be together unless he understands himself and what he wants better than he does now."

A goal for this week is to choose some days to have off from work. Then I will use those days to either read or write, or both.

I am sad to hear that Margaret Mahy has died.
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