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Monday, I went up in weight on my squats and then on the seated leg press machine, as well as having another go at the pectoral fly machine. I stayed at the same weight and reps on deadlifts, the lat pulldown machine, the seated row machine, and bench presses. I had to lose a set on the squats - not sure if I'll try again next week at the same weight, for three sets of 15, or go back down.

I started feeling sore by the next morning, legs but especially pecs/delts. Like, really stiff and sore. I applied heat for a little while yesterday afternoon, then did a bunch of cardio. I was better but still stiff this morning, so gave in an took an ibuprofren. It's now tolerable.

Cardio last night was another attempt at getting more distance. First, I did ten intervals of 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds slow, then I kept going at a moderate pace until I'd completed 45 minutes. That was 3.01 miles. Then I went on the treadmill for about half an hour and did another 1.17 miles. I was pretty tired after that, though I think it might have helped my stiff weightlifting muscles somewhat. More importantly, I felt very accomplished when I was done.

I'm not sure how this is going to work in the fall, when I have choir rehearsals again. I might not want to spend this much time in the gym, and will have to figure out how to challenge myself.

Plus, there's that whole writing thing. I have a better idea of the story now. I need to start pushing at it again. I wish there was a magic item that started glowing when the optimum time to get back to writing came along.
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