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Readercon 2012 Report

As often happens with me, I didn't attend any panels except the ones on which I served. But I did wander around quite a lot and talk to people. Lots and lots of people. Some I had seen recently, some are local to me so I see them all the time ( [personal profile] ecmyers, Michael Swanwick, Tom Purdom, [profile] trillian_stars, [personal profile] kylecassidy, Lee and Diane Weinstein), some I only see once a year at Readercon, some I only see at Readercon and WisCon, and this year was the first time in a while I've made it to WisCon. So, the whole time I am driven to see people, even though I am also an introvert and seeing lots of people makes me tired. Plus my two favorite cons also require most of a day of travel time on each end.

That's probably why, after I get home from a con, usually my first action is to take a nap, or just go to bed early. I'm really glad I took today off from the dayjob to recover.

I rode with [personal profile] barbarienne and [profile] swimtech on Thursday, and we took our usual meandering route that included crossing a river on a ferry, eating Very Delicious ice cream (I had one scoop of "cake batter" flavor and one scoop of oreo cookie in a warm waffle cone that was made on the spot), and visiting friends in Connecticut, and admiring their Adorable Tot. (Adorable Tots were a weekend theme, at least for me. Strangely, it made me miss the Usual Suspects, Geeklet and The Maw, even more.)

We got in to the hotel a bit after 7 pm, and while checking in, were in line in front of Ken Schneyer, with whom I've been on a couple of panels - his dinner companion being unavailable, the four of us had dinner together in the hotel restaurant while I waited to hear from my roommate [profile] filomancer, who with her son was flying in from the west coast.

I saw a whole raft of people fairly quickly. The lobby, as usual at Readercon, was full of groups of people standing around chatting, and I knew many of them. People continued to stand around and chat through a fire alarm, which turned out to have been accidentally set off. I had thought that [profile] swimtech and [personal profile] apis_mellifera might get along because they are both reviewers, and this happily turned out to be the case; in fact I saw them and [profile] barbariennne several times having fun without me.

All of my panels were on Friday, only three of them, well-spaced out, but by the last one I was brainless, despite having time to eat first and take a shower so I could pretend I'd just had a night's sleep. Saturday, unusually, I was absolutely free, so I spent it wandering and chatting, with an afternoon break for a cardio workout.

The annual expedition to eat Korean bbq down the road from the hotel ended up being me, [profile] filomancer and offspring, pointoforigin, and a crew she had collected: Alex Jablokov, Paul DiFilippo, and Marty Halpern - I'd never met Marty, but years ago I reviewed a couple of books from Golden Gryphon, so it was nice to meet him in the flesh. Afterwards, I revealed to them the location of Ice Cream in the next strip mall over, so we had ice cream and talked about Stalin. I ended up missing most of Kirk Poland, sadly, as I couldn't really concentrate any more by that point and I needed to pack.

Over the course of the con I was very happy to have some chatting time with pointoforigin and [profile] mroctober and [profile] yswilce and [personal profile] grahamsleight and [personal profile] trifles plus Adorable Tot(s) and [profile] utsusemia, [personal profile] rushthatspeaks and [personal profile] gaudior and [personal profile] kate_nepveu plus Adorable Tot and [profile] stealthmuffin, briefly, and [personal profile] heavenscalyx and her wife whose LJ name I have forgotten (we were on a WisCon panel together), and [profile] whafford and Glenn Grant and Gemma Files and Jim Kelly and Andy and Sydney Duncan and and and. I can't remember them all.

I didn't get as much time as I would have liked with Geary Gravel and Rosemary Kirstein, but I did get to chat with each of them for a few minutes. [personal profile] theodosia came to my Kaffeesklatsch and we had a nice chat with Paula Guran. I waved at many people several times, including [profile] ellen_kushner and [profile] klages and [profile] deliasherman, and Chip Delany, and briefly worshipped at the feet of [profile] suzych.

And I got to see Ruth Sternglantz, whom I'd met at the IASPR conference in NYC last summer - she was on my first panel of the con, and I teased her about us taking her Readercon panel participant cherry. She was quite awesome on the panel and should do lots and lots more. Also moderate panels. And do solo talks. And at the last minute I saw [personal profile] the_shoshanna! Who wasn't actually attending the con. This went along with me randomly running into Marjorie Liu last year.

Oh, and I got to see [personal profile] rosefox and pet her head.

New people I met: Kiini Ibura Salaam, whom pointoforigin met at Wiscon, while I was off doing panels. We were introduced at Meet the PROse and I remembered seeing her short story collection from Aqueduct because of its nifty cover. Veronica Schanoes had intriguing things to say on the Sherlock Holmes panel that need to be their own panel for next year. And I met C.S.E. Cooney on my last panel, but barely got to talk to her, so we shall have to meet again. I met many more people but they blurred together, I guess because I either didn't speak to them long enough, or there were just too many people in quick succession.

I left very early on Sunday after my semi-annual Dr. Who breakfast with [personal profile] grahamsleight and am really glad I have today off to rest and recuperate.

Salon F is still like the freaking Arctic Circle. I was half-hoping a polar bear would come and eat me because at least in its guts I would be warm. Also, polar bear.

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