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On bargains, and many things that are not writing.

I did not-writing this weekend, as in, I deliberately didn't write in the hope that would help.


Friday night was seeing the new Spiderman movie with [profile] feklar. I was entertained though a bit bemused by a NYC that was so very, very White. The actors were all excellent and did great stuff with their scenes. The plot was a bit...dangly here and there. But I was okay with it. It was a movie. It was dark and air-conditioned. I was full of cheeseburger and cola milkshake. A cola milkshake is essentially a coke float that someone else has helpfully already stirred up for you.

Saturday, I went to the Giant Mall of Air Conditioning, after a 15 minute-or-so wait in the sun that seemed like an eternity (white concrete, no trees). I stayed there until around six pm, looking at clearance items, getting a chair massage, and spending the amount of a couple of small checks I received recently. I bought two linen shirts, short-sleeved, for work; a khaki skirt that does not come down to my ankles (more difficult to find than you would imagine); a tiny set of colored triangles made of bamboo that you can use to make patterns; and a jigsaw puzzle.

This is the puzzle, a Baffler called Bindu Truss. The checkout person said it was really hard and she couldn't even finish the easier Baffler she had. I think she was just trying to make me feel smart. I didn't time it exactly, but I think it took me around 2.5 hours. Definitely less than 3 hours. It was very soothing, and complex enough that I can do it a few more times. I want to try the other ones now!

Shocker: I paid full price for the skirt. It wasn't the most expensive skirt in the world ($40) but it was far from the usual 80% off that I strive for. It was just so hard to find one I liked that fit all my requirements and fit me. Then, double-shocker, I paid full price for one of the shirts, instead of buying the very similar one that was $10 off. I decided I would wear the darker color more often and get more of my money's worth. !!!

The other shirt was half off, so I have not gone completely insane.

Sunday was finishing The Baffler and tidily filing a bunch of contracts and letter from my agent. Then I went to a different mall with [personal profile] drinkingcocoa and The Maw, where we purchased shiny, shiny sneakers that light up and a clearance Hello Kitty watch, and gave her all of our change to throw into fountains. The Maw found me a sock for my phone. It is a fuzzy orange monster, who has a wild expression and is wearing a tiny purple, polka-dot bow in her...head fur? I adore it. It is perfect.

Then we returned to their abode and The Maw and I watched many, many episodes of The Powerpuff Girls season one. Talk about bargains - I got it for around $7, and she's been watching it over and over.

Geeklet arrived home after a while, and was amazed to realize there was a page 2 of disk one - The Maw favors repetition, as one often does when one is four, and they hadn't noticed the "continue" button on the menu. They still have a whole 'nother disk to go after that. Geeklet was very pleased because she was very, very tired of re-watching at the behest of her little sister. Also, technically they are Geeklet's DVDs, bought for her birthday, though with The Maw in mind as well.

As I knew before I bought the DVDs, Geeklet identifies with Blossom and The Maw with Buttercup. I suspect their friend E. might be Bubbles, to some extent.

Anyway, we finally saw "Boogie Frights," which has a whole riff on Star Wars at the end, the part where they're trying to destroy the Death Star. It was one of the first references that the kids got as well as me. BTW, Kevin Michael Richardson voices The Boogieman - the same guy who's the voice of Gantu in Lilo and Stitch and Ian the Gator in The Princess and the Frog.

Then I went home. Work week is only three days for me this week, then I'm off to Readercon, traveling Thursday, con Friday and Saturday, traveling Sunday, and then Monday off from work to recover.

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