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That wasn't so bad.

The worst part of the MRI was the waiting room - loud CNN that made it difficult for me to concentrate on the ancient magazines, plus they were late fetching me. I finally went out into the hall for a little while.

The actual procedure didn't bother me much. It was like being inside an electric guitar - more loud twangs than bangs, and I focused on the overtones. The internet radio they played was all right when I could hear it, except twice there were ads. I found it rather peaceful and restful, compared to what I'd left behind at dayjob!

The contrast part required an injection, and though I didn't vomit or feel nauseated, I did have a little rush of water to the mouth without nausea - very odd, as if I'd swallowed insta-barf. But I was okay after sniffing an alcohol pad and we went on with the procedure. I drank a huge bottle of water afterwards to clear it out of my system...and ate a delicious lemon cupcake.

Then I met up with [profile] feklar and we had Malaysian food - beef rambutan (Malaysian pot roast!), mango chicken (my favorite oh so tangy-sweet-spicy), and banana pancakes, really crepes with lots of butter and hot melty banana filling.

I walked home from Chinatown after that.

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