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So, Prometheus

I saw Prometheus over the weekend with [profile] feklar, and I was not all that impressed. It was like it couldn't decide what sort of movie to be: science/wonder (except the science made no sense, so I felt no wonder) or splatter/horror. The main problem was that there wasn't really any emotional throughline with the characters, so I didn't actually care what happened to them. Also, I didn't have a good grip on why they wanted what they wanted, or even what it was they wanted in the first place.

The landscapes were gorgeous. I liked those parts.

The cast was great, but they didn't have a lot to work with. Somebody else said they thought Michael Fassbender's David seemed to be in a different, better movie, and I agree. I also thought Idris Elba did a lot more with his part, Janek, than was actually there. Noomi Rapace's character, Elizabeth Shaw, didn't feel coherent to me, which was kind of a waste if you're going to hire an interesting actress like Rapace. Charlize Theron kept attempting to make something out of nothing, but there was just so much nothing in her part; however, she looked great in her jumpsuits with her hair slicked back.

I closed my eyes during the med-pod surgery scene. I am not ashamed, either.
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