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Culling the Wardrobe

I have been exerting myself over the last year or so to cull my wardrobe. Some things were easy to get rid of: things that didn't fit, things I hadn't worn for years because of fit or condition, etc.. After that, it's gone slower.

I fill up one paper grocery bag (with handles) at a time, and carry it to a nearby thrift store, which means one more bag of stuff out of my apartment. When I buy a new item of clothing, I am attempting to get rid of two old items, or one at least. Recently, I visited clearance racks and bought a bright blue polo shirt, a red knitted shirt that is polo-ish in shape, and a gorgeous bright blue rayon scarf.

The hardest things for me to get rid of are things that are high-quality and useful, but I have things in that category that I have not worn in over a year - or two years - or that drape on me like flour sacks. I have a loose cotton/linen khaki shirt, long-sleeved, with a pleated front. I love pleats, but I almost never wore this shirt (intended for over tank tops, in summer). I wore it once to work recently, with a belt, and it was still sacklike. I started a new bag with it this morning, adding a pair of winter pants that are too short for my style now, and soon to wear out at the thighs anyway. And a pair of cropped pants that are perfectly fine, but I look horrible in them.

Also on the giveaway list is a pair of cropped black linen pants, loose but comfy - they don't look all that great on me, but I think they might be useful if hemmed into shorts, the sort I could wear over a bathing suit. I need to try those on again.

I also need to cull my scarves. I have way too many to wear on a regular basis, but I looove scarves and it is hard to think of giving them to strangers, even when I remind myself they will have a better home with someone who truly needs them (scarves, pets....). Any friends need scarves?
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