oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

I just need to get through it.

Dayjob stress, and other stresses, seem to be making me crave sugar, and failing sugar, anything else that is not good for me to eat. Also, I skipped writing on Sunday and skipped the gym last night. True, I had a little bit of a stomach upset...probably from eating too much sugar, but I also get stomach issues when stressed.

I have my gym bag today. I will do cardio if nothing else, but I should really do weights instead. Then I could do cardio Wednesday. Thursday is Geeklet's birthday, so I will be attending festivities, and I hope to go to the movie on Friday night, assuming [profile] feklar can make it - if not, I guess I should do more cardio.

Exercise helps when you're stressed. It really does, I have experienced this. It helped a lot when I used to be able to eat lunch at my desk and then go to the gym in the afternoon, and no one complained when it took a half hour more than my lunch hour. I don't feel able to do that any more, and am still a little angry about it.

It seems like a really long time until June 29th, but after that...it will be better. It will.
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