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Me Being Social

Late yesterday afternoon, I (and several other local writers) had an email from [personal profile] kylecassidy that John Scalzi was going to speak at our local Barnes & Noble, and that I should come to make sure there was an audience, and we could have drinks afterward. I went to the gym right after work and then headed over to the store. I was a little late, but it turned out not to matter - he had a standing-room-only crowd, so Tom Purdom and I (we got there at the same time) headed down a floor to the coffee shop and talked about music until the reading was over. It wouldn't have done any good to stay upstairs, because we weren't able to hear very much from behind tall bookshelves.

I hung out afterwards and was glad to see [profile] whafford (safely back from Syria), [profile] trillian_stars, and [profile] yagathai, and [profile] ecmeyers, and as we were leaving, [Bad username: apis_mellifera"]! Also, I learned Scalzi's daughter is beautiful and his dog has the adorable sad eyes.

Though I'd meant to go home after the reading, I ended up going out for pizza and a raspberry lambic. I got to sleep late, but I did have fun. I guess it does me good to get dragged out of my routine once in a while.
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