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WisCon 36 (2012)

It was so lovely to be back at WisCon! I felt, most of the time, as if I had never been away, only to be taken aback a couple of times to be reminded that I wasn't. It's a strange time and place of its own, WisCon.

I roomed with [personal profile] daedala and [profile] pointoforigin - visit [profile] pointoforigin's LJ today for her awesome haiku earring party haiku! It was great to spend time with both of them; I had several meals with [profile] pointoforigin in particular, as we discussed the state of our writing careers. I had dinner with [personal profile] oursin and breakfast followed by a tour of the Wisconsin capital building with [profile] 1crowdedhour and coffee and later a drink with [profile] jenwrites. i also got to have dinner with [personal profile] gwynnega. Several people I saw in passing and had brief chats with. I was having trouble sleeping, so skipped all the parties in favor of going to bed early, which meant I missed a lot of people I would have loved to see.

The only book I bought was a copy of [profile] jenwrites first novel, Machine, but I looked at many. At A Room of One's Own, there was the usual table of books by WisCon guests, most of which I already owned. I circled around to the opposite side of the table and it took me a few seconds to realize some of the books were mine! About ten minutes later, I realized I was supposed to offer to sign them, so I did that, and the "signed by author" stickers were duly applied.

I was on five panels, moderating two of them. Three of the panels I'd suggested had made it onto the schedule, and one of them, which I wasn't on, apparently had a jam-packed room, so that made me happy! The addiction in fiction panel turned out to be really interesting, and I think I now have some more focused ideas on that topic to suggest for next year. The last one I moderated, one I'd suggested, didn't turn out at all like I had expected, which frustrated me a little, but that's the thing about panels; they are living things, and sometimes they go a different way than you expect. I learned something from each one, which pleased me.

I also talked to three people I respect about my current project, and got some encouragement. The 100 pages I have are nowhere near ready for critique, but a little encouragement goes a long, long way. I was able to do the same for a couple of other writer friends. It's that sort of thing that makes it worth it to travel all the way to a convention!


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May. 29th, 2012 01:27 pm (UTC)
Did Ann mentioned all the stories I have dragged out of her? And you didn't buy any (or multiple copies) of Lethe Press books? For shame!
May. 29th, 2012 02:05 pm (UTC)
I reviewed BOYS OF SUMMER! I get points for that!
May. 30th, 2012 11:46 pm (UTC)
It was great to see you!

That last panel you moderated didn't go at all like I'd expected either! Probably you could've had five completely different panels from that topic, depending on the participants.
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