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oracne - Victoria Janssen

Happy World Turtle Day!

It really is World Turtle Day. Is that awesome or what?

Look, there's a Wiki.

I feel like I should lift weights tonight before I go home, finish packing, and go to bed early, in anticipation of insanely early rising for my morning flight.

I also am considering not lifting weights. Then I won't be sore on Thursday night...but I won't have the sense of satisfaction that comes from having written having lifted. I could just do cardio, but that takes about the same amount of time. *Flail* This decision is too much for me right now. Dayjob stress is impinging upon my life, and I don't like it!

Nearby coffee shop is closing next Wednesday, and my buddy who works there will be out of a job. She's thinking of going back to school (she's 22, and I don't think she went to college at all), but is not sure. I'm worried and sad for her, because she seems like a really nice person, at least in brief interactions over the last couple of years.

Picked up Kate Elliott's Jaran again, the first of her books I ever read, and have been re-reading it off and on. I had forgotten the awesome Arabian horses and the tarpans. How, I am not sure.
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