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Enough whining. 5 Good Things.

I realized yesterday how whiny I've been, so today I am going to come up with 5 good things that are happening.

1.  It is Friday and I am wearing a new shirt, which I allowed myself to buy because of I got rid of some old shirts.  It is made of cotton gauze and is mauve, fuchsia, lavender, and purple paisley on a buff background, which tones it down quite a lot.  Even though it has 3/4 length sleeves, the fabric is thin enough I'm hoping I can wear it all summer.

It was 2/3 off from original price on clearance, plus I got the little discount for using a Macy's credit card, plus I got an extra 25% off of that.  The shirt is of course three times as nice to me because of the cheapness, because getting something nice for cheap makes me feel clever.

2.  When I buoght the shirt, I also got a pair of nice jeans on clearance - AND they did not require hemming.  Now when the three pairs of my jeans with rapidly thinning inner thigh fabric rip, I will be prepared!

3.  I have tickets to see a film of the National Theater Jonny Lee Miller/Benedict Cumberbatch Frankenstein stage play on June 10th with <lj-user="drinkingcocoa"> - it's the version with Cumberbatch as The Monster.  <a href="http://www.brynmawrfilm.org/films/?id=577">Information here if you are local and interested in seeing it - there's also a June 6 screening.</a>  So excited.

4.  I passed 100 manuscript pages on my current project.  That's always a lovely milestone.  This weekend, I will add more pages.

5.  Finally, a magnificent accomplishment:  I got my dry-cleaning done!  Winter coat (the faux-shearling one, Poor Baby Polyesters Sacrificed in Their Bloom; trench coat; linen blazer; red silk jacket.  I will not shame myself for saying how long the latter two have been hanging in the closet, waiting.  But now that is done.

Maybe this should be a meme.  Five Good Things.  I think we could all use some Good Things right about now.
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