oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

The Agony of De Feet

The only thing I do not like about choir is that sometimes there is a lot of standing. Singing while standing is better, of course, but my feet do not like it.

I got a referral to a podiatrist on Monday. Need to call for an appointment.

Still enjoying the Carissimi a lot, and the Ludwig as well. We've added on Ludwig's "Kaddish" to the end of the program. So now we can end on an up note instead of Jephte's daughter being killed by him! (Kidding!!!)

My theory is that when Jephte's daughter tells him she's going into the desert for two months to bewail her virginity, she is in fact going in search of some hot Bedouin dude with a nice herd of camels, possibly resembling Rudolf Valentino in some manner. Either that or she and the other maidens are planning to have a really good time out at the oasis with tequila and lots of lube.
Tags: singing
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