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I have seen "The Hunger Games."

I appreciated that the movie of "The Hunger Games" did all in its visual power to underscore how awful the whole concept of the games is.

I thought it was a good adaptation, getting the themes across with metonymy and visuals. I really liked Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

Small spoilers below only if you have not read the book.

It was clear to me the violence had been tailored for a younger audience; there was blood, and terror, but the death was also cleaned up, Hollywood death in which one doesn't lose the contents of one's bowels, and your body is cleaned away before it begins to even stiffen. Rue's death, for example, seemed brief and painless for someone with a gut wound. Not that I wanted to see those things done more realistically, but the idea crossed my mind that in reality, this scenario might be too horrible for many people to watch unless they were unnaturally hardened. The most horrible death portrayed, I think, was the one by tracker-jacker, because then you heard the lengthy screams.

My friend didn't want me to make snarky comments during the movie, this time, so afterwards I informed her that District 12 is so poor they can only afford one song.
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