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Oh DWers & LJers, help me make a list!

I have my preliminary schedule for WisCon, and now I'd like to, as is traditional, query my flists for helpful suggestions of titles I should not forget to mention (or should look at, if they're new to me) when discussing panel topics.

"Gender-Variant Characters in Science Fiction"

Let's explore how gender variance and/or variant/trans* characters are represented in Science Fiction. How often are gender-variant characters used for the purpose of examining the experiences of cisgender individuals? How often is the variance of these characters integrated into a character/individual level experience? (The suggestions given were some gaming characters, but I don't game and can't talk about them. I figured "Aye, and Gomorrah..." by Delany ought to be mentioned. I know there are examples in comics as well that I should note down.)

"Addiction in Fiction"

Real drugs, imaginary drugs, and magical addictions to other people's dreams - how are addictions handled in science fiction and fantasy? Can imaginary addictions be treated with real-world methods? How about fictional worlds in which addiction is not seen as a problem? Or in which addiction has become adaptive (are vampires addicted to blood?)? (Suggestions already given are Yarrow by Charles De Lint, the Sime-Gen books, and Chase Putnam in the "Downside" urban fantasy series by Stacia Kane, but since I suggested the panel, those are all mine.)
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