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Lazy Morning

I have today off from work. It is very odd to have a day off in the middle of the week, but lovely, too.

I had the first of two orchestra rehearsals for the St. John Passion last night, very painful on the feet, particularly my right heel, but happy-making for the ears and soul. It was really, really great to be able to sleep in this morning for an extra hour. Being able to rest up a bit today will, I hope, make a big difference when I go back tonight for orchestra rehearsal #2. Then we're off until the dress rehearsal on Saturday morning.

I've deliberately skimped on the gym this week as well; Monday night, I did intervals, but no weights; I skipped entirely yesterday, and will skip today. Am debating what to do on Thursday; had considered weights, since I'll have a day to recover, but might just do cardio again, either intervals or just slogging along on the elliptical for half an hour. Next week will be all rest, except for walks, because I'm visiting family. Perhaps I will be extra-refreshed after the break.

I noted a couple of things at rehearsal last night that I want to remember. First, it felt so intimate; it was just choir and orchestra, no random people sitting out in the pews, and we were very much making music for the sake of the music and for each other. Performance has its own zing, but I love this part of it, too. Second, I'd forgotten--again--how soft baroque instruments are. I know this, but it still surprises me every time. Our world is so clangorous. I love the feeling of being able to sing at a comfortable level, without any strain whatsoever, and not only being heard but blending effortlessly with the instruments.
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