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Another Monday

1000 words, barely, on Saturday. I attempted to make an outline of my current novel on Sunday, moving back and forth between the current draft, my two synopses of different lengths, and the new outline document. I am what's called a "pantser" for plot, or maybe a semi-pantser, who tries to be a plotter and flounders...it was brutal. I ended up with...something.

First, I decided the entire novel should be roughly twenty chapters. After trying to sum up the draft chapters I'd already written, I wrote out what the next couple of chapters ought to be, then realized I needed to work backwards, using the long synopsis as a guide. Each paragraph in the synopsis seemed chapter-like. This worked great! Until I found I had a three-chapter gap in the middle. But maybe the novel won't work out that way...I am not sure how the length will work out, because, pantser.

Meanwhile, I am mentoring someone on finishing her own manuscript. Oh, well. Am doing my best.
Tags: writing process
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