oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

I went to the gym!

I went to the gym last night for the first time since last Thursday. Since my stomach's been bothering me some, I've been eating very lightly for a few days. In consequence, I felt really weak. I still did the same weights, but it was a lot harder. I didn't do as many different things as I sometimes do. But I went, and I felt better for having gone.

Ordering a new netbook today. Have given in and will get the 10.1" - nothing smaller is readily available in the price range, except refurbished models that aren't that much cheaper. Still waiting on adaptor for old laptop, so I can find out if it still works - might arrive today.

Trying now to think forward and wrestle myself out of this lingering unhappiness and anger. I have to finish filling out the insurance forms and get those sent over.
Tags: gym
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