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Well...not so great a weekend after all.

In the pro blog today, Sime-Gen and Romance Novels in which I focus on House of Zeor</a> (1974) by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Wednesday will be a post on Sime-Gen and slashiness.

On to my unpleasant news:

Sometime while I was gone to my birthday party, my apartment was burglarized. I have renters' insurance, but the deductible is high; I will be lucky to get enough to pay for a replacement netbook.

I keep reminding myself: I am fine, the cats are fine, my books are fine. My clothes are fine.

But the jewelry...that is the hardest thing. I am very personal about jewelry, and every piece has a story. Much was given to me by my parents, for example, who are now dead. I need to figure out how to get over that, if there's an easier way than just mourning each piece individually (please let there be an easier way, I am tired of grief and mourning, so so tired).

The other hard thing is my external hard drive, which I begun to make my primary backup. All those photos I spent hours scanning, and backed up digital photos, and music mixes? I am not sure all of them are backed up elsewhere. At least I can do the scanned ones again.

I have to itemize for insurance. Keep me in your thoughts while I do that, because I've been dreading it with an unholy dread of how it will make me feel. I am hoping for so much weariness that I can distance the process of trying to estimate value to items that were, to me, priceless.

I need to get past this so I can get back to writing.
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