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Wohin! Wohin!

I am not perfectly sure, but I think we have now at least sung through all of the choir parts in the St. John Passion. Last night, the basses got to go home a little early while the rest of us worked out what is definitely the bitchiest, knottiest chorus of the lot.

All we say in it is "Wohin?" We're the backup singers to a bass soloist - the answer to our question "to where" is "Golgotha." The trick is that our "wohin" bits go by very fast, and the chords are quite complex with some odd jumps. We went over them slowly on a clear vowel, holding out the chords to make sure we had the tuning right, before speeding up and using the actual word. It was in pretty good shape by the end of rehearsal. I'm planning on memorization, which I've already partially accomplished (I learn music pretty quickly).

Hopefully, next week we won't sound hilariously bad as we get back into the feel of it.

I found a blog post lamenting this chorus that is pretty funny.
Tags: johannes-passion, singing
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