oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Experiments in melatonin

I tried the melatonin pills over the weekend. I bought 250 mg sub-linguals (put them under your tongue and they dissolve). Friday night, I tried a single pill. I got sleepy faster than I'd expected and slept well until about 4 am when, bam, awake. Really awake, just like the usual insomnia. Considered taking another one, but they take an hour to work, so I didn't. After reading for an hour or so, I got back to sleep and slept in, which for me means to about 9:00 am. I did notice that I remembered my dreams better.

Saturday night, I tried a half-pill. I still got sleepy faster than expected, but I woke up a bunch of times. I mostly managed to doze back off again. The effect was pretty much the same on Sunday night. Maybe, overall, I slept better?

I am thinking of looking into timed-release melatonin. The making-me-sleepy part works well; if it could work in the wee hours, that would be awesome. If it was already in my system at 4 am, maybe it wouldn't take an extra hour to kick in.

Got writing done regardless. I made sure that happened. About 2000 more words in, AND I have broken my draft into two-and-a-bit chapters.
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