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Workout Report

Of most importance, after close to two years, I finally realized how to put my gym MP3 player on "shuffle." It works from a menu which is not intuitive...and to be fair, I don't usually play around with the thing, which is why it took me so long to figure that out.

Last night I did weights but not additional cardio on the elliptical, and I felt better afterwards. I think I was trying to do too much. While lifting, I did get cardio effect, so hopefully that was enough. Since I wasn't doing cardio, and I was able to get at a couple of barbell stations, in addition to a couple of upper body machines I did squats and deadlifts, and lower weights but 3/15 reps. There was definite cardio effect - I saw my cheeks got pink for a few seconds, and my heart pounded.

I was still tired when I got home, but not in the same draggy brainless way. By which I mean the nonfiction book I was reading made my mind wander, but not because I was tired. My mind wandered because the book was kind of boring.

In more exciting book news, I recently ordered a couple more Osprey books on WWI, and the Canadian Corps one has arrived. It was cool to flip through that after having recently read a memoir by a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. I saw pics of the Ross rifle he complained about.



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Feb. 7th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
*new to your blog.... waving hello :)

Just a thought on your dragginess based on my experience last year. I'd started doing some pretty intense Vinyasa flow yoga and was absolutely WIPED OUT from it. I did some bloodwork and discovered that my folate was low as was my D3. I added in those vitamins (B-complex, B-12 and D3, all raw vitamin formulations) and within a few months (sooner, actually), my energy was back.

I had figured that I was just pushing myself too hard, which is probably partly true. But just wanted to share that tidbit in case it's helpful. :)

Also, hai! Nice to meet you. We're connected via DrinkingCocoa, yes?
Feb. 7th, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
*waves* Yes, I recently began to follow you because she does!

I have considered vitamins, actually, but am so bad at taking my calcium already, I need to come up with a strategy to make myself ingest them.
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