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weights weights weights

I know I was working on more reps and less weight. Well, I am still doing more reps, but I went up in weight 15 pounds for a couple of the machines I am doing. I did not feel like I was about to fall over afterwards. We'll see how I feel later today. For those following along, it was three sets of fifteen on the Seated Row and Seated Leg Press, 85 pounds and 270 pounds respectively. Two sets of fifteen on the Lat Pulldown, at 70 pounds. I did a couple of sets of fifteen on the inner and outer thigh machines, at 85 pounds, while I was waiting for a different machine - I don't do those much any more. And with free weights, I put twenty pounds on a barbell and did two sets of ten in bench presses.

I was a bit annoyed because the wire on my headphones finally went, right when I got started. Wire has been showing at the connector for a while, but last night I guess was the end because I could only hear music through one side. I tossed them and was forced to listen to the very bland gym music (they have a 1980s mix of overplayed stuff, and the rest is so bland I can't remember it - even the weight room rock is blander than I remember). Perhaps that's why I did less on the elliptical - 15 minutes instead of 20, at level 1 instead of level 15. I attempted to compensate by going faster than usual.

Got new headphones at the drugstore afterwards; I even had a $5 coupon, so I got slightly nicer ones. I noted the connector on these is reinforced. also, the sound is much better.

This post is so quotidian.
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