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I'm back from Arisia, and I had a good time, even though I feel like I spent a large part of the time hiding out. I mean, I did my four panels, but I didn't make appointments to meet various folks for meals, so I didn't have any long conversations with anyone except my roomie. Unusually for me, I also went to some things. This was partly because Arisia is a large con with some very good events. I attended the Masquerade (one of the best I've seen in a long time), a re-enactment involving 1861-vintage zouaves, and the geeky belly-dancing extravaganza.

How does one belly-dance in a geeky way, you ask? Well, there were a couple of acts involving women with swords (one of them Klingon), a Starbuck with special effects (spinning an arrow on a wire), a duo who interpreted the first couple of Terminator movies, a sexy Deanna Troi (entertaining the crew in lieu of shore leave), a Borg who remembered she used to dance (I loved that one), River in "Serenity" killing Reivers, a vampire dancer from "True Blood," and an Agatha Heterodyne. Did I forget any? My favorite was the last act, a cyborg that had all sorts of cyberpunk and identity themes. Also great music.

I'm posting pics over at the pro blog. Alas, I did not take photos during the performances - no flash allowed.
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