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Philcon 2011 In Brief

I had a very good time at Philcon this weekend; I met several interesting new people and saw some old friends.  Attendance was definitely up from last year.  I hope that continues!

My Friday at 7 pm panel had very good attendance, given that Friday evening is usually sparse because people are trying to get there from work.  Saturday evening's panels were all very well attended, also.  Sunday afternoon's was sparse, which I had expected; people were starting to go home by 2 pm, I suspect.

The restaurant in that hotel is still wretched.  If you wondered if it was possible to make diner food bad?  Wonder no more.  Also, service was slow whether the restaurant was crowded or not (though the waitstaff was pleasant).  I never did get dinner on Saturday night.  I only had one-hour gaps between panels, which weren't enough time given the glacial service.  I feel like I should eat nothing but broccoli for a couple of days.

I made sure to avoid late-night stuff so I could rest as much as possible.  I have trouble sleeping in hotels, so this didn't help much, but at least I tried.

I bought a U.N.I.T. t-shirt and a couple of costume jewelry rings.
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