oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

The Never-Ending Virus & "The State Within"

I am still coughing, even after resting as much as possible this weekend.

Saturday night, I finished watching The State Within, notable because Jason Isaacs plays a good guy! He made an excellent good guy, if you're wondering.

I'd watched the first couple of episodes while I was home sick last week, and Saturday night was going to watch another couple, but ended up being compelled to watch all of the remaining four. It's one of those twisty-turny conspiracy thrillers with a high body count. Set in D.C., it's focused on the British Ambassador (Isaccs) who gets embroiled in a series of events surrounding a terrorist act that, of course, turn out to be more complicated than they seem. There's a large cast of characters and it's fun trying to figure out how all of them, and all of the events, connect (I wasn't able to figure it all out at any point!). Sharon Gless plays the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and she is a scarily convincing amalgam of quite a few types of American politician. I won't say any more because I think this is best enjoyed unspoiled.
Tags: mystery
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