oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

*cough, cough*

I've reached the endless tickly throat phlegmy stage of this cold, which is probably my least favorite. I think I have to cancel my flu shot today.

Saturday, a couple of minutes in warmup convinced me I could sing in rehearsal without choking, so I sat out and took notes, cautiously humming along when I could. The dress rehearsals are Tuesday and Wednesday, with the performance on Friday. I have a small speaking part, which I'll hopefully not cough my way through. Should be okay by then.

I was kind of down all weekend. I talked to one of my sisters, which both helped and didn't. Rehearsal helped. Sunday evening, I visited the Small Monkeys, which helped a lot. I helped Geeklet with her first try at her bike without training wheels, telling her things that I hoped would be helpful about when you get power from your pedal push, and how she can catch herself with her foot, and how sometimes to balance you have to go opposite to instinct. I don't remember having the balance issues, but then I never had training wheels - I had sisters to push me. When I finally learned to start off myself, I did it by repeatedly going downhill. Geeklet appreciated my tale of crashing into a giant rosebush, but decided against using that method for herself.

Then she wanted me to read Mary Poppins to her, but I kept choking, so she read a little silently while we sat on the couch, and after a while The Maw came to visit me. She told me about Halloween and showed me her pumpkin with all the candy in it. She then lectured me about how I wasn't pretty, to be pretty I had to dress up like her, and then had me put Hello Kitty barrettes in my hair, and add an array of additional hair ornaments to her stylish look. We examined ourselves in the mirror. (I also was the horsie, at this point.) She spent about ten minutes making horrible faces in the mirror and laughing like a loon. I showed her how to make a squishy fish face.

Sometimes I wonder if I am actually a toddler in my mental age.

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