oracne - Victoria Janssen (oracne) wrote,
oracne - Victoria Janssen

Getting Rid of Clothes

I wrote this up for a comment and realized I should post it here for reference.

I have been following this plan for getting rid of clothes.

First, divide into categories:

1. Wear all the time, love. OR need for work and wear all the time.

2. Doesn't fit or looks like crap or just looks...bleh and makes me unhappy when I wear it.

3. Haven't worn in years. (interview suit excluded)

4. Sentimental value. (such as concert tees, dresses worn for special events)

Category one I keep.

Category two I give away, reminding myself someone else will then get to use it; another way is to offer really nice stuff (which is its own kind of attachment) to people I know before donating it somewhere. Sometimes I forget I've given these things away, because I never thought of them while I had them.

Category three I revisit - maybe give the garments another try, which leads either to redicovery and transfer to category one or realizing why I stopped wearing it, so I can give it away.

Category four I re-examine periodically, to see if the need to keep has diminished. In some cases it has, and I give away.

Anything that needs repair, if I don't have it repaired/repair it myself within a month, out it goes. Ditto drycleaning that's been lying around.

A tricky category for me is choir clothes - I have a wide range of those, all black, but in different weights for different weathers, and different ranges of formality. They're sort of subject to the above rules, with the exception that I will keep them a little longer without wearing, just in case. It's a weak spot, for me!

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