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Was home sick yesterday with a stomach thing, and read Scott Westerfeld's Goliath, the last book in the Leviathan trilogy. I really enjoyed the illos and wouldn't have minded having even more!

I didn't check email all day. When I got back to it this morning, I got email telling me that something I'd sent off at the end of August never arrived, an email about money I owed that I was never told I owed but it makes sense that I should, and a contract amendment to sign. *whew* Every little thing makes me tense right now. Every little thing at the dayjob, too. Maybe it's normal, maybe it's lingering stress from my dad's death...it's been five months, almost. I feel like such a wimp because I'm not on top of everything. All I seem to be good for lately is learning music and reading books.

What does one call a review that's not a review, that is, one that just tells a bit about the book so you can find out if you want to read it? A preview, maybe? I've been doing a bunch of those for the Macmillan blogs. They're spread out over the next few months, but I'm turning them in as early as possible. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I felt okay enough to go to choir last night. I didn't concentrate very well, but I made it through without major mistakes, and I felt a bit better while singing. Even though Distler is hardly cheery stuff...and he wrote this piece before he stuck his head in the oven. *sigh* Poor Distler. Poor Distler's family. I try to remind himself he would likely be dead by now anyway.

...well. Clearly, I need to climb out of my own skull this weekend. I suspect small monkeys will help.
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