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The week of Concert has begun. We rehearsed with the lutenist, Mark Rimple, last night; he's also the composer of the one modern piece we'll be singing, so he had a few comments for that as well.

Last night I did a set of intervals, all I had time for, on my way to rehearsal; tonight I plan to lift weights and go to sleep early. Dress rehearsal is tomorrow night. Awesomely, it is located only a couple of blocks from my apartment, so I can actually go home first! And change out of my work clothes!

Thursday would ordinarily be a night of rest before the first performance, but I have to go to a work thing; the big boss is hosting us at his house. At least we get out an hour early for it.

I have never understood the appeal of social events revolving around work that take up one's precious non-work time. Maybe it's different for those who consider their dayjob a career? Me, I am an introvert, and I like to choose my companions and how I spend my time. To me, dayjob is dayjob, and I do it for money and health insurance. It supports my "real" life rather than the other way around. I always feel a little cheated when I have to give up what I consider my personal time, even if the gathering is enjoyable. It's hard for me to figure out what I really and truly owe in exchange for my salary. Various things I've read indicate that attending is "normal" and always skipping out is not. This is why I doubt I will ever have a really high-paying job. I am too cynical and uncaring of office culture.

The performances are Friday night and Sunday afternoon. I predict I will be in a zombie-like state all weekend. But it will be an exhausted state I will have chosen.
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