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The reward for an accomplishment is more things to accomplish.

So, I made it through a couple of busy weeks. Now I get another couple of busy weeks. I don't feel like doing any of it. I just want to hermit. I know I shouldn't hermit nonstop. I know it's good for me to get out, and I'm hoping to see friends this weekend. Also, I have a facial scheduled for Saturday afternoon, one of those Living Social deals.

This first choir concert is part of Lyricfest rather than our own season (so we aren't responsible for selling tickets!). There are only four rehearsals. We had one last night and one last Tuesday. The other two are next week, on Monday and Wednesday (the dress). Then we have a performance out in Chestnut Hill on Friday night which will involve me taking the train, and the second performance on Sunday afternoon, luckily much closer to my apartment. On Thursday evening next week, I have to attend a dayjob party.

I started looking at my upcoming events and their accompanying to-do lists. I already have hotel reservations for CapClave and WisCon, but not Arisia, so that's on the list. I'll need to buy a plane ticket for my Xmas visit to my family, and later on, a plane ticket for WisCon. I have to decide how much time I can take off for Thanksgiving, when I usually visit a friend in NYC. I need to decide if I'm attending Philcon, my local con...I probably will. I need to check schedules and see if Lunacon is a possibility; I suspect choir rehearsals will interfere.

All that is mingled with a bunch of miscellaneous training classes for dayjob, fortunately during work hours. Alas, I will not be getting paid more because of taking these classes. They're just trying to grow our boobs Develop us.

I am suddenly very glad I talked myself out of the NINC conference in October. Awesome as it will be, I won't have either the money or the energy for it.
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