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Life Update

I re-entered the social whirl last week - I went out four nights out of five. I only went to the gym once. I think it might have been too much. My mood was for crap all day Sunday, by which I mean I was sleepy, cranky, and had unreasoning irritation with all things and people, that I think was sublimation of some kind. I didn't go out. It seemed unwise. Also, it was hot and humid. Yuck.

I did, however, accomplish Things. I achieved my thousand-word goal both Saturday and Sunday, and have reached the last section of the draft (about 5K to go). Then there will be much revision, as much as I can fit in before the due date, September 1. I also did two (!) loads of laundry.

My reward for writing on Saturday night was the last Harry Potter movie, which I enjoyed - stuff happened! Alan Rickman got to emote! Neville! Much better than part one of adaptation, which I think of as Visit Beautiful Great Britain in a Tent.

Gym tonight. I will lift weights, using the machines in order to spare my feet. Maybe that will improve my mood. Or at least make me exhausted so I don't have any mood.
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